Ranked Choice Voting for Maryland (RCV Maryland) is a grassroots effort to adopt and implement better voting methods for local elections, specifically ranked choice voting (RCV). Ranked choice voting is used across the United States to empower voters with a greater voice and motivate candidates to reach beyond their base to earn enough support to win.

RCV Maryland seeks passionate and skilled organizers to serve as RCV Organizers — essential connectors to expand public awareness and political support for ranked choice voting. Organizers play a critical role in the grassroots movement for ranked choice voting through identifying potential local community advocates (RCV Ambassadors), building support among local elected leaders, and mobilizing supporters for action.

We have 3 positions available:

Montgomery County Organizer
Baltimore Area Organizer
Prince George’s County Organizer

Send your resume and cover letter to info@rcvformaryland.com. Include “RCV Organizer” in the subject.

Please indicate which regional position you are applying for (Montgomery County, Baltimore, or Prince George’s County).