Montgomery County Delegates Cosponsor local enabling legislation for RCV

Members of the Montgomery County Delegation are cosponsoring enabling legislation for new voting methods for the 2022 General Assembly session! If you live in Montgomery County, take a moment to thank Delegates Palakovich Carr, Carr, Charkoudian, Lopez, Moon, Qi, Solomon, Stewart, and Wilkins for cosponsoring the bill, MC 13-22.

What Does the Bill Do?
MC 13-22 enables Montgomery County to determine and select the best voting method for local elections. It does not mandate a voting method to use. It defines what ranked choice voting and approval voting methods are, what offices the voting methods could be applied to, and encourages voter outreach and education.

[Read the bill]

What Can You Do?
The Montgomery County Delegation will be hosting public bill hearings on local bills in December. You can sign up to testify here:

Once the bill is introduced during the General Assembly session (in early January), we will invite supporters from across the state to engage members of the House Ways & Means committee and your delegation to build support.

Stay tuned for information about advocacy sessions with our coalition partners.

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