2022 Primary Ranked Ballot Straw Polls

The 2022 Primary election is set for July 19 and the field of candidates is set for races up and down the ballot. The primaries are a great opportunity to showcase how ranked ballots can work for our local races. We are currently featuring the gubernatorial and local contests in Baltimore City and Montgomery County — both jurisdictions have introduced enabling legislation to use voting methods like ranked choice voting.

Want to see a straw poll for your jurisdiction? Send us an email to michelle@rcvmaryland.org and we can set it up!

Governor / Lt. Governor

The Democratic Gubernatorial straw poll is co-sponsored by Our Maryland, FairVote, and RCV Maryland.

Baltimore City

Montgomery County

All straw poll contests are for the Democratic Primary. There are not enough Republican candidates running for election to use a ranked ballot. The County Executive & At-Large poll is co-promoted by the League of Women Voters, Montgomery County.