Better Elections 1-2-3

Day of Action:  January 23

Raise Your Voice for Ranked Choice Voting!

Ranked Choice Voting is Easy as 1-2-3

There are growing calls for better elections where every voice is heard. Marylanders have seen too many elections with non-majority winners and split votes among similar candidates. It’s time for a better voting method. It’s time for ranked choice voting.

Ranked choice voting is a simple and proven voting method to give voters the freedom to express their preferences without fear of hurting their favorite candidate in the election. Join advocates across Maryland on January 23 (1/23) to urge our local and state leaders to take action to support better voting methods.

Why Ranked Choice Voting?

  • Empower voters with the ability to better express their preferences, eliminate strategic voting and the ‘lesser of two evils” dilemma, and reduce toxic campaigning so voters and candidates can focus on the issues.
  • Strengthen representation by giving elected leaders a stronger mandate and respecting the will of the people.
  • Proven and tested, ranked choice voting is used in over 50 jurisdictions across the United States and is incorporated into election software.

Make Your Voice Heard in 3 Easy Ways!

Contact Your Representatives
Send a message to your Delegates. Emphasize how the importance of enabling legislation to make our democracy work better for everyone.
Sample Message: Ranked choice voting is as easy as 1-2-3. 1) Let’s empower voters to have the strongest voice in their elections, 2) Let’s strengthen majority rule to create a more representative democracy, and 3) Let’s enable our local leaders to choose the best voting method for our communities.
Call Your Local Leaders
It’s important to let local leaders in your community know that ranked choice matters. Contact your city or county leaders to share your support.

Sample Message: I’m calling to let you know that we can make our local elections better and I hope you’ll support efforts to bring ranked choice voting to [YOUR CITY/COUNTY].
Share Why Better Voting is Important for Maryland
Share why we need better voting in Maryland. Feel free to tag RCV Maryland (@rcvformaryland) and your legislators on social media too!

Sample Message: I’m excited to support better voting for Maryland! Voters need to be able to express their voices. Ranked Choice Voting does just that.. [SHARE WHY] #BetterElections123