Get Creative for RCV Week

June 24-30 is national Ranked Choice Voting Week of Action. RCV Maryland wants you to get creative and show your support for better voting in Maryland and across the country!


Submission DEADLINE: June 21

RCV Creative Challenge

More and more people see the need for better voting in our elections. Up and down the ballot we see more candidates running to represent their community, yet voters have limited options when it comes to expressing their vote in a race with more than to candidates. Ranked choice voting is a proven solution to give voters a stronger voice and elect candidates who represent a majority of voters.

This month we want you to get creative and show your support for ranked choice voting! No matter your skill level, create a poster (no larger that 12×12 inches) that shows the impact of ranked choice voting for you and your community.


Rank the Designs!

All entries will be posted online to our community and visitors will be able to rank their favorite designs. Our entire movement is a winner when we can bring more creativity into our actions! The top design will win a $75 gift card. We also hope to provide many of the submitted designs for use during direct actions.


What Should You Design?

  • Express support and show how easy it is to rank things (beer, food, movies, candidates…)
  • Use a simple background to let your words and/or images pop
  • If you use images or graphics, please make sure you credit the source(s) and/or have a license to use the image.
  • Designs can be no smaller than 5×5 inches and no larger than 12×12 inches. 
  • Make sure it’s an RGB image at a mid-high resolution and saved as a JPG or PNG.

You can include one of the following phrases:

  • More Choices, More Voices
  • Raise Your Voices, Rank Your Choices
  • Ranked Choice Voting, Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • or create your own!


How to Submit

Upload a JPG or PNG file (not more than 1MB (be sure to maintain a good resolution)

Got questions? Email

[Ranked choice voting] allows people to vote for what they really want without worrying about the possibility of them getting what they really don't want."

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Tweet

[Ranked choice voting] will expand political access for underrepresented communities and give a voice and representation to all people."

U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison​ Tweet

"[Ranked choice voting] will lead to good government because voters will elect leaders who have the support of a majority. Elected leaders will be more likely to listen to all and cities will be able to enjoy big tax savings and keep majority rule.”

U.S. Senator John McCain  Tweet